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FundingBox Spaces and Communities Specific Terms of Use

Effective day 3 July 2020

Fundingbox Spaces and Communities – what is it?

FundingBox Spaces and Communities Service (FundingBox Spaces) is a complete collaboration tool that empowers communities to build knowledge and networks. FundingBox Spaces allows building customisable Communities with very easy-to-use software. 

Within FundingBox Spaces you can:

  • create, join and participate in Communities;
  • connect and communicate with other Users via chats and privat DM (Direct Messaging) Groups.

FundingBox Spaces Service is free of charge. It is provided as described in this document (hereinafter “Specific Terms”) and its updates.

FundingBox Spaces and fundingbox.com Platform – what you should know 

FundingBox Spaces is one of the Services available within fundingbox.com Platform. You can choose to:

  • register on fundingbox.com Platform and use FundingBox Spaces as a Registered User – you will gain access to full range of FundingBox Spaces functionalities;
  • or
  • access FundingBox Spaces as an Unregistered User – you will gain access to the FundingBox Spaces content available without registration.

In both cases you accept the FundingBox Platform General Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, as well as these Specific Terms dedicated to the FundingBox Spaces. 

FundingBox Spaces Service is provided by FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, Poland. FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. is part of The FundingBox Group S.L., Spain. 

In all matters related to the FundingBox Spaces you can contact us by e-mailprivacy@fundingbox.com or support@fundingbox.com .

In all cases not described in this document, the FundingBox Platform General Terms of Services and Privacy Policy apply. If you don’t accept those,please avoid using the Service. 

Definitions – what we mean when we use certain words

We believe that it is important to have a common understanding of what we are talking about. So when we mention any of the terms below, we mean the description assigned to it.




A group of people sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common who use the Internet to communicate, work together and pursue their interests over time. Every Community is shaped by Spaces and Collections. Spaces are live chats for holding conversations and the Collections are the repositories where the information is gathered for easier access and consumption. In other words it is a social channel dedicated to specific topics, for example Smart Mobility, Robotics, Decentralised Technologies or Circular Economy. Within a Community, members can share content (Spaces) and archive it (Collection).

Community manager

An entity that is responsible for the given Community. 

Data controller

A person or entity that decides how your data are processed. Speaking more formally, the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or another entity which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data; where the purposes and means of such processing are determined by Union or Member State law, the controller or the specific criteria for its nomination may be provided for by Union or Member State law.

Data processor

A natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other entity which processes personal data on behalf of the controller.

General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Documents that are superior to these FundingBox Spaces Specific Terms of Use and FundingBox Spaces Privacy Policy.

Registered User

A user that accepted General Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, completed registration and confirmed the Account (Registered Users are “Members”).


FundingBox Spaces and Communities


An online service or channel that enables text messages to be translated in real time between participants. Community Spaces are conversational areas designed for messaging, sharing articles, questions and files, hence making people and knowledge accessible all the time. They are accessible to all the members of a Community when public or to a restricted number of them when made private.


General term including Registered and Unregistered Users.

Unregistered User

Users who have not created nor confirmed the Account (Unregistered Users are “Visitors”).

FundingBox Spaces – how it works

Registered vs. Unregistered User 

You can use FundingBox Spaces as a Registered or Unregistered User. 

As a Registered User, you can do more. To enjoy the full range of FundingBox Spacesfunctionalities, you should register an Account. 

Unregistered Users can only navigate through public content and communities while Registered Users can actively create the content on Spaces, make contacts, run conversations and create their own Communities within FundingBox Spaces.

By using this Service (both as Registered or Unregistered User), you agree to comply with the provisions of fundingbox.com General Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, these Specific Terms, as well as general rules of principles of social coexistence. Observe the General and Specific Terms and Privacy Policy, and respect other Users and treat them the way you would like to be treated. 

FundingBox Spaces – what you can do

You can choose and decide how and under what shape you want to use FundingBox Spaces. You can:

  • join an existing Community;
  • comment, publish, browse and chat and interact with the Community you joined;
  • browse an open Community/Space or a Community/Space that you joined as a Registered User;
  • build your own Community; 
  • connect and communicate with other Users with chats and privat DM (Direct Messaging) Groups;
  • build your individual contact network with other Platform Registered users.

Communities, Spaces – what we are talking about

Spaces are focused on communication within the Platform, and Communities – on community building.

Each Space is a live chat channel which covers 

  • Spaces: Many-to-Many chat channel within a Community (public or private);
  • DM messages: 1-to-1 chat channels;
  • DM Groups: Many-to-Many private chat channels (outside Communities).

All conversations are held in real time. 

There are two types of Spaces:

  • public Spaces – they are visible to all Users – both Registered and Unregistered, regardless of whether they are Spaces members; each user of the Internet can see its content.; only Registered Users can join the conversation; if a Community is public, Spaces are public as well; the Community manager may decide to create private Spaces for specific purposes, for example to coordinate the management of the Community in itself among the different people or organisations involved; 
  • private Spaces – all DM messages and DM Groups are visible only to the ones who participate in them.

There are two types of Communities:

  • open Communities – they are visible to all Users – both Registered and Unregistered, regardless of whether they are members of such a Community; each user of the Internet can see its content; the Community owner defines whether a given Community will be open or private while setting it up; the Community owner can change visibility of the Community during its lifetime; 
  • private Communities – they are visible only to the Registered Users who are members of this Community. The Community owner defines that its Community will be private while setting it up, The Community owner can change visibility of the Community during its lifetime. 

You can easily check the status of the Community you are interested in in the User Panel. The Community owner is responsible for informing you in advance of a status change.

How to join a Community

Communities are open by default. You can access them (unless they are set as private) and access the content of the Spaces. You may want to join a Community if you want to be involved, participate and receive updates about it. To join a Community, you only need to click the button, join the Community and register in it. The Community owner will define if you need to provide just your Username or some additional information. 

To join a private Community, you need an invitation from its owner

Building your own Community

You can set up your own Community. It might be focused on your point of interest or your project. While setting up your own Community you take responsibility for its content and compliance of your Community members with these FundingBox Spaces Specific Terms and Privacy and General Terms and Privacy Policy.

As a Community owner you can define it and give it the shape more convenient for your purposes. You can define the Spaces (live chat channels), the collections you want to activate to collect the content, the look and feel, etc.

You can decide whether your Community will be open – accessible for everyone (including Unregistered Users) or closed (available only to its members). As a host of the Community you establish its rules – but they have to be compliant with the General Terms of Services and these FundingBox Spaces Specific Terms. You should publish your Community rules in a dedicated section. You are fully responsible for providing Community Users with updates in the Community rules (for example if you change the Community status from private to public).

We are responsible only for the technical maintenance, security of the data on the Platform, and technical aspects of it. But we can delete or block your Community if you breach the General Terms of Services and FundingBox Spaces Specific Terms, or activity within your Community breaches those rules (with a special focus on the rules of the section 3).

We might help you to set up the Community and manage it – this is a paid service, for the details please contact marketing@fundingbox.com

Functionalities – our Communities have powers

Within Communities, you can interact with others on many different levels. Communities create an ecosystem where players interested in a topic are able to gather, talk, share and network. Spaces enable real-time communication. Collections gather the knowledge and make it accessible to the Users. 

Communities allow you to connect and chat with other members, to video call them, and to get to know and join other Communities that may be of your interest. 

You can also create private chats, private Communities, manage your settings to receive just the amount of information you want and make decisions regarding your privacy.

When a Community comes to an end

All good things might come to an end. So does a Community. To close a Community, its owner should change the Community status to “archived” in the Admin panel. This way all the content will be frozen; the owner will keep access to the content but no new content will be allowed. There is also an option to un-archive it. The Community owner is able to export the content at any time.

A Community might be closed and its content permanently deleted upon Community owner’s request. 

When you want to make a call

Our Platform enables you to make a voice call and videoconferencing. The teleconference tool is provided via https://meetings.fundingbox.com under separate Terms. 


To help you navigate Communities, we provide you with some tips and guidelines which are available here.

What you can’t do while using our Service 

We believe in freedom on the Internet. We also respect the rights of third parties as well as rules of law. You are free to use our Platform but if you decided to do it, regardless of whether you are a Registered or Unregistered User, you are obliged to follow these few basic rules; you can’t:

  • create, upload, share or distribute any content that exploits or abuses children; this includes all child sexual abuse materials; if you believe a child is in danger of or has been subject to abuse, exploitation or trafficking, contact the police immediately and inform us;
  • promote, transmit, organise, or engage in activities that cause or might cause serious and immediate physical harm to people or animals, or share or distribute violent or gory content involving real-life people or animals that is primarily intended to be shocking, sensational, or gratuitous;
  • promote, transmit, organise, or engage in illegal activitiesunder any applicable law or regulation, including terrorism, human trafficking, sexual abuse;
  • create or distribute sexually explicit material, such as nudity, graphic sex acts, and pornographic content;
  • create or distribute content that is fraudulent, false, or misleading;
  • harass, bully or threaten others, or incite others in these activities;
  • promote or use hate speech (understood widely as content that promotes or condones violence against or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or any other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalisation);
  • transmit malware or any content that harms or interferes with the operation of the networks, servers, end user devices, or other infrastructure; this includes the direct hosting, embedding, or transmission of malware, viruses, destructive code or other harmful or unwanted software, or similar content, also content that transmits viruses, causes pop-us, attempts to install software without the user’s consent, or otherwise impacts users with malicious code;
  • spam,
  • abuse this Service and do harm, degrade, or negatively affect the operation of networks, devices, or other infrastructure; this includes degrading, disabling, or negatively interfering with any aspect of the Service or its features;
  • transmit through the Service any material that may infringe the intellectual property or other third party rights;
  • engage in any activity or use of the Service in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, impair or otherwise interfere with or disrupt the Service, or any servers or networks connected to the Service or FundingBox security systems; 
  • use the Service in violation of any applicable law.
  • You are not authorised to reproduce, resell, or distribute the Service unless specifically permitted to do so under a separate agreement with FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o.

Breaching of the above rules may result in the blocking of your Account and disabling the use of FundingBox Spaces. Illegal and/or abusive content will be removed. FundingBox doesn’t use a scoring mechanism dedicated to finding infringement (illegal and/or offensive content or behaviour)..

Intellectual property and third party rights

Within FundingBox Spaces you can send messages and share information in various ways (on your profile, Spaces, Communities, through adding links and articles and other activities). 

We are not obliged to publish any information or content through our Service. We can also remove it at our sole discretion, with or without notice. Content that infringes law or third party rights might be removed without notice.

Content visibility

Information and content that you share or post may be seen by other Users (in case of open Communities – by undefined number of Internet Users, in case of private Communities – by its members). You are free to choose who can see this content to the extent that appropriate settings are available. In case of open Communities all Users will see what you share. Terms of particular Services specify the detailed rules on how we may use the content you provided.

Rights of third parties

Within Communities and Spaces, you can publish articles, create posts, add photos and graphics and provide different content that might be covered by your intellectual property rights (in particular copyrights) or third party rights (for example, author of an article, graphic, photo, person who is on the picture).

By using our Services, you agree to provide only content or information that does not violate the law or anyone’s rights. Rights of third parties cover not only their intellectual property rights but also their image, opinion, reputation, right to keep privacy. So make sure that before you publish information related to someone else, you get proper authorisation to do so.

Authorisation to use your content

While sharing materials on FundingBox Spaces you grant FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z .o. and its affiliates licence to use it. It means that we might use the content you provided for our purposes. The licence you grants is:

  • unlimited with regard to territory and time (so we can use it wherever and whenever),
  • free of charge (you are not entitled to remuneration for use of the content), 
  • non-exclusive (you can grant it to others), 
  • with the right of sublicensing (we can grant further licence),
  • permitting the use of Works in the following fields of exploitation, including in particular: recording, copying, performing in public, displaying, playing, broadcasting and publishing them in such a way that they are available to anyone at any discretionary place and time, in particular, in order to promote the operation of the Platform.

In any case Content remains your property.

You also authorise FundingBox free of charge to place on the Platform your name or trademark, or name or trademark of your company, or open call or project provided by it, in our information and promotional materials. 

Above authorisation is effective upon sending this content to the Platform, in a way not limited with regard to territory and time.


You may not publish any elements of FundingBox Spaces or materials provided on Spaces, to which you don’t hold right, without our (or third party) prior written consent. 

Users don’t have the right to record and copy the Platform on any storage carrier.

Infringements – if someone uses your content

If you believe that someone is infringing your rights, please send us a notification privacy@fundingbox.com so we can take further steps.

FundingBox may be required by law to remove certain information or content.


In the event that you have any complaints regarding FundingBox Spaces, please follow the complaint procedure described in the General Terms of Services.


All privacy issues related to FundingBox Spaces are described in the Privacy Policy. In addition to its general provisions, we added a dedicated section related to FundingBox Spaces.