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FundingBox Enterprise Specific Terms of Service

Effective day 3 July 2020

Fundingbox Enterprise – what is it?

FundingBox Enterprise is a Service focused on open calls management. This tool allows you to:

  • create and manage the whole open call cycle;
  • create forms and collect data;
  • and/or
  • participate in open calls as an applicant.

The Open Call tool is available to third parties upon request and under a separate agreement. An entity that runs a given open call is called Organiser. The payment for using the Open Call Service is specified in the price list available on request.

It is provided as described in this document (hereinafter “Terms”) and its updates.

FundingBox Enterprise and fundingbox.com – what you should know

Open Call is a Service which consists of a separate part of the Platform and allows to design, launch and conduct a competition for Users. Open Call allows Users to submit projects for competitions provided by the Accelerators. The Open Call tool might also be used to collect data, run enquiries, manage processes, conduct surveys.

FundingBox Enterprise is available within fundingbox.com Platform. We operate bi-directional here: 

  • as a Call Organiser – in such a case FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. organise an open call; we manage the whole open call cycle on our own behalf you can participate in such a call as an applicant, and it is free of charge;
  • or
  • we offer FundingBox Enterprise as a paid service to third parties. It means that you can:
    • order such a Service and conclude a separate contract with FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. for using the Open Call tool and management services – for the details please contact us on marketing@fundingbox.com. You will be a Call Organiser and FundingBox will support you in this process. This is a paid service;
    • or
    • apply in an open call organised by a third party that simply uses our Service. The Call Organiser is responsible for providing you with all the information about processing of your data and open call scope. 

In both cases, using the FundingBox Enterprise tool you accept FundingBox Platform General Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, as well as these Terms dedicated to FundingBox Enterprise. 

FundingBox Enterprise Service is provided by FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, Poland. FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. is part of The FundingBox Group S.L., Spain. 

You can contact us, in all matters related to the FundingBox Enterprise by e-mail privacy@fundingbox.com (privacy) or support@fundingbox.com (the technical issues and suggestions).

In all cases not described in this document, the FundingBox Platform Terms of Services and Privacy Policy apply. If you don’t accept it – please avoid using the Service. 

Definitions – what we mean when we use certain words

We believe that it is important to have a common understanding of what we are talking about. So when we mention any of the terms below, we mean the description assigned to it (please also check section 3 of General Terms of use of the FundingBox.com Platform).



Data controller

A person or entity that decides how your data are processed. Speaking more formally, the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or another entity which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data; where the purposes and means of such processing are determined by Union or Member State law, the controller or the specific criteria for its nomination may be provided for by Union or Member State law.

Data processor

The natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other entity which processes personal data on behalf of the controller. It means for example that Company X commissions FundingBox to organise an open call for it. Company X decides which data will be collected, for how long etc. (is a data controller), but uses the FundingBox Platform to do so – so FundingBox is processing those data for Company X (we are the data processor) but we can’t decide what we shall do with the data collected within such an open call.

General Terms of Services and Privacy Policy

Documents that are superior to these FundingBox Enterprise Terms of Service and FundingBox Enterprise Privacy Policy.

Call Organiser (Organiser)

Entity that is responsible for organisation of an open call: It decides how the call is designed, how long it lasts, what is the scope of the collected data etc. 

Registered User

The user that accepted General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, completed registration and confirmed the Account.


FundingBox Enterprises

Organiser – who is behind the open call

Each open call has an Organiser who is responsible for it: decides how a given open call is designed, how long it lasts, to whom it is addressed, what kind of questions are included in the application form, how long data will be stored, etc.

It might be FundingBox – but it doesn’t have to. The Call Organiser is the controller of the data collected within it. It is also responsible for providing you with information about its identity and management of the data within the given open call. If you have any doubt about who the Call Organiser is, please contact us on support@fundingbox.com.

Confidentiality and security of your application

When you apply to an open call, you entrust your data to the Call Organiser. It is not only personal data but also information about your company, business, or project. It is important to know what might happen with these data and how they are processed. So:

  • application form and all the data included in this form are stored within fundingbox.com cloud infrastructure; we use Amazon services to provide the highest security standards;
  • access to the application form is limited – only authorised, limited number of people can access it, they must be Registered Users;
  • application content is yours, we don’t use information and data included in the application form for any other purposes than management of that open call (including evaluation of the application and winners selection);
  • we store application data for compliance reasons for the time required by the Authority that entrusted us public money that we distribute (usually it is 5 years after project final payment);
  • we provide access to the application form only to a limited number of people who have to gain access to it to execute the open call (like a limited number of FundingBox’s staff, Project managers, IT, evaluators, project partners);
  • a person who accesses the application form is informed about its confidential nature and obliged to maintain confidentiality;
  • access to the applications is granted for a limited time period;
  • we don’t share application content with the third parties not engaged in the project that is related to the given open call (except for compliance or project requirements reasoncalls, and only in relation to the non-confidential information);
  • each open call has its information clause with specific details related to the processing of the personal data.

Above might differ in the case that FundingBox is not theCall Organiser. The Call Organiser should provide you with information above your data treatment. 

Please check our Privacy Policy for more details on processing of personal data.

Open call – how to apply

Are you interested in getting additional funding? This is the right place. Through open calls gathered within Fundingbox Platform you can apply for funding in many different areas. How to do it? Follow just few simple steps:

  • register Account – only Registered Users can apply in our open calls, you can do it directly from the open call microsite;
  • find an interesting call;
  • complete the form and 
  • press the submit button.

Rest is in the evaluators hands.

You can have your own open call

We offer FundingBox Enterprise as a paid service to third parties. You can order such a Service and conclude a separate contract with FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. for using the Open Call tool and management services. You will be the Call Organiser and FundingBox will support you in this process. This is a paid service. 

For the detailed information about this service please contact our team at marketing@fundingbox.com

Duties of the Call Organiser 

As a Call Organiser you independently establish individual rules regarding participation of the third parties in this open call (but they must comply with FundingBox General Terms of Services and these Terms of Service). You should inform potential applicants who you are and how you will treat the data within the open call – they have the right to know, and you have obligations resulting from the GDPR Regulation. 

You are fully responsible for what you do with your open call. Our role is limited to technical operations and providing you the tool. 

We do our best to provide a secure and continuous service but you decide with whom you share content of the applications, and whether you fulfill your obligation towards third parties For example: if you promise applicants that they might get 100k, you should have this 100k and be able to deliver this. Or, with regard to confidentiality, if you have promised that you will keep applicants’ data confidential, our responsibility is limited to the technical and organisational measures: in case of breach of our security system – it is our responsibility, in case you gave access to the data to a third party (even through our Platform) – it is your decision and your responsibility.

As a rule we don’t interfere with your open call. But some activities cannot take place on our Platform. You can’t organise calls that:

  • infringe or may infringe law or rules of social co-existence; or
  • break laws of third persons or encourage to infringe such rights; or
  • are related to participation or encourage to participate in illegal undertakings, such as:
    • pertaining to services or manufacture related to illegal drugs, narcotics, tobacco, medical substances, medicines, weapons, other goods which turnover is limited or requires permission (like animal, antiques, energy);
    • including materials with pornographic content;
    • supporting terrorism, human trade, children abuse, animal abuse
  • may pose a threat to life or health, or
  • are in contrary to the concept of the Platform operation, legal provisions or good practices. 

At the same time, at FundingBox we are not obliged to monitor the content of open calls and applications of the Users for a particular open call. The liability for an open call shall be on the side of the Organiser conducting it.

Our obligations towards Funding Authorities

Great part of grants distributed within our open calls are financed with public money, mainly from the European Commission programmes but also from national funds. For the sake of clarity – FundingBox is not a European Commission agency nor its representative.

Because this is public money, we have to comply with specific reporting and compliance requirements. It means that in some cases we will have to provide the data included in the application form to such Funding Authorities or auditors representing a Funding Authority.

Not only open calls

FundingBox Enterprise tool might be also used to create forms and collect information through them – for example:

  • to create a challenge;
  • to subscribe for an event;
  • to collect opinions.

Depending on the purpose of such action, we or its Organiser will inform you about its details and the processing of your data within that particular form.


In the event that you have any complaints regarding FundingBox Enterprise, please follow the complaint procedure described in the General Terms of Services.


All privacy issues related to FundingBox Enterprise as are described in the Privacy Policy. In addition to its general provisions, we added a dedicated section related to FundingBox Enterprise.